The Rights of Way Law Review

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The Rights of Way Law Review is an authoritative commentary on the English law relating to rights of way, access to the countryside, town or village greens, and also to those parts of planning, conservation and other areas of law which have implications for the administration of highway law.

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The target
audience is
and academic.

The Review is an open ended loose-leaf partwork which builds up issue by issue into a comprehensive reference work on these branches of the law.

The guiding editorial concept is to publish information on new developments in the law as they arise, including case notes, whilst systematically publishing the material needed to complete the work. Ten issues a year are published to ensure that up to date information is available.

CD.jpg (3353 bytes)The whole of the loose-leaf edition is now available on a CD-Rom ('the CD'). The CD edition's search engine can save valuable time. In addition, cross references on the CD alert new users to subsequent developments covered in the Review and, of course, the CD saves shelf space. However, we continue to publish the loose-leaf edition for the benefit of those who prefer that format.