The Rights of Way For Roads, Walkways and Bridleways

Laws and Rights of Way for Public Land

There are many opinions on the rights of way in England and whether or not they agree on what has been decided although there are laws in place that decide what the rights of way are on a matter of issues including access to the countryside or planning permission. The real issue is that many of the public will not know the in's and out's of every law made in England and their not expected to.

Those who are interested in specific laws relating to the rights of way will often be due to academic or professional reasons. The debates on rights of way have been ongoing for many years regarding the costs of land and the rights of cyclists on the roads and pavements. If you wish to read more about previous debates and opinions, click here.

Discussion Points on the Rights of Way

  • Rights over highways
  • Commons and village greens
  • Planning permission
  • Private rights over land
  • Liabilities caused from highways

Those that are interested in information and laws surrounding rights of way will often be about highways and busy roads. There are new highways being planned and built throughout the country all the time in order to make travelling for the public more efficient. The problem with this is that the building of highways often causes disruption to both local residents to the building areas as well as private land owners who are being affected.

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